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Air Only Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours


#1 "Golden Eagle Tour" - Papillon - Starting at $229.00 pp

#2 "Silver Cloud Tour" - Maverick - Starting at $419.00 pp

#3 "All American Tour" - Sundance - Starting at $369.00 pp


Air Only Tours – Remember the first time you tugged on the arm of a slot machine and the coins started to spill into the tray?  That sound! CaCHINK! CaCHINK! The lights – the adrenalin rush –the excitement of the moment!  It’s kind of like that…..

My very first flight to the Grand Canyon was on a 90 minute round-trip, Air Only Tour with Papillon – “The Golden Eagle Tour”.  Exciting - almost beyond words.  If it’s your first time to the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, I swear you are in for a win WIN!




  • Grand Canyon Air Only Flights – I can tell you that you won't be disappointed by the “Air Only Flights” that feature tours over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam on their way to the Grand Canyon.  They are 90 minute flights round trip and see the same sites as the landing tours except - they don’t land.  The trip is an exciting way to see the Grand Canyon from a lofty perspective but it will save you a bunch vs. the landing tour.   The best Air Only Flights can be found by following:

  • Papillon

    Golden Eagle $255

    Golden Eagle w/ Strip $319


  • Maverick

    Silver Cloud $419

  • Mustang
    Grand Canyon Air $374

  • Grand Canyon Helicopters

    Ace of Adventure $399


  • Sundance

    Escape $369


  • Serenity

    Day Star $379


  • 5 Star Helicopters
    West Rim Extended Air Only $399


Papillon Golden Eagle air only helicopter tour

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