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About the Grand Canyon & Helicopoter Tours

Yes - There is more than one way to get to the bottom of things.  But only one really fun way!

As you probably know, the majority of the Grand Canyon is a protected National Park that encompasses nearly 1,217,262 acres (492,608 ha) of land in Arizona.  The gorge, carved over centuries by the Colorado River, is the main attraction.  Flights over the national park are restricted from flying under 18,000 feet except for a small, dedicated space managed by the Hualapai Indian Tribe which has been made accessible for air-tourism in and out of the canyon.  The helicopter companies pay a hefty amount for the privilege of being able to land by the Colorado River.  All the helicopter operators are environmentally conscious of the fragility of the desert landscape and make a valid effort to be responsible stewards of the land.


We are very fortunate that this pristine spot of grandeur on earth has been made available for our enlightenment and enjoyment. 


If you are interested in the formation and more facts about the canyon, please follow the links below.  They can tell it better than I can.

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