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Basically, all the major helicopter tour companies offer similar tours. They fly over the Las Vegas Strip, Hoover Dam, above the Hualapai Tribe Skywalk and the ultimate destination, The Grand Canyon.  We hope to guide you to the 'Flight That's Right' for you by sharing what we've learned about each tour.....

Phil Davis - publisher of the helicopter tour guide

"Hi - I'm Phil Davis and I publish the Helicopter Tour Guide / Grand Canyon Special Edition.  I've personally been on most of these awesome helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon and I have to tell you, this is one of the most dramatic  experiences of a lifetime.  I LOVE TO TALK HELICOPTERS so I invite you to use the Chat anytime to ask your questions.  I want to help you find the perfect adventure and avoid some common mistakes in booking a tour.   I LOVE TO TALK HELICOPTERS!"

1st- Choose an agenda

Air Only Tours – Remember the first time you tugged on the arm of a slot machine and the coins started to spill into the tray?  That sound! CaCHINK! CaCHINK! The lights – the adrenalin rush –the excitement of the moment!  It’s kind of like that…..

My very first flight to the Grand Canyon was on a 90 minute round-trip, Air Only Tour with Papillon – “The Golden Eagle Tour”.  Exciting - almost beyond words.  If it’s your first time to the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, I swear you are in for a win WIN!

Complete List of Air Only Tours from All Companies



#1 "Golden Eagle Tour" - Papillon - Starting at $259.00 pp

#2 "Silver Cloud Tour" - Maverick - Starting at $419.00 pp

#3 "All American Tour" - Sundance - Starting at $369.00 pp


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#1 "Grand Celebration Tour" - Papillon - Starting at $341.00 pp

#2 "Free Spirit Tour" - Mustang- Starting at $424.00 pp

#3 "Wind Dancer Tour" - Maverick- Starting at $539.00 pp


Grand Canyon Landing Package –  I have flown over the Grand Canyon a couple of times but I had never been on a helicopter tour that landed on the canyon floor until I buckled up with Mustang/Maverick Helicopters for another mind blowing experience!  As soon as we got to the West Rim, we started our 3800 foot decent into the canyon for exquisite views of the canyon walls.  There is no other way to have this kind of awe inspiring vista of layer upon layer of sedimentary compaction unequaled by any other geological wonder.


Complete List of Landing Tours from All Companies


2nd - Click on a tour to read about it


#1 "Las Vegas Strip Tour" - 5 Star Helicopters - Starting at $149.00 pp

#2 "Vegas Strip" - Maverick- Starting at $104.00 pp (transportation included)

#3 "VIP Strip Tour" - Papillon- Starting at $102.00 pp Bonus Limo Service


Maverick Heli Tours

Have you ever stood on Las Vegas Blvd. looking toward the sky to see helicopters flying overhead and said to yourself, "I'd love to be doing that!"   For those 'first timers' who aren't quite sure if they would like it in a helicopter - it's the perfect way to get your wings.  These 15 minute flights up and down the strip are all in the $100 range and worth every penny!


Complete List of Las Vegas Strip Tours from All Companies


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