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#1 Insider Tip

Best deal going - Papillon's Grand Celebration Landing tour + limo + Las Vegas Strip flyover. Only $45 pp more than their regular tour price of $329 but instead of the shuttle bus taking you to the Boulder Terminal,  you arrive in a limo, fly over the Las Vegas Strip AND you have an incredible Canyon Landing experiance.

$374 pp

When you use the direct links on the Helicopter Tour Guide site to make reservations, you know you have eliminated any middlemen.  You will be dealing directly with the tour operator.

Veterens 10% Discount

Maverick provides the Military discount to all Military personnel with ID (currently serving or retired)

-10% Discount

Locals 10% discount

Maverick and Mustang also offer a 10% discount to Nevada and California residents. Don't forget to mention it to them.

-10% Discount

Limousine Service

Sundance Helicopters ONLY uses limousines to pick up it's guests at the hotels along the Las Vegas Strip.


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